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First Choice Property Inspections, LLC is happy to perform a wide variety of inspections for residential & commercial buildings. We are licensed by the State of Florida and are InterNACHI certified property inspectors. In addition, So who better to entrust the inspection of your residential and commercial  property to? 
Wind mitigation and 4-point reports are also a specialty of our team.
Need more specialized inspections for building components such as a roof, deck, mold or triple-net lease purchase inspections? Or maybe you require an electrical or pool inspection for added peace of mind. We cover Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties and would love to assist you with your inspection needs.
Take a look at our inspection certifications and don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us.

No matter when your prospective home was built, it’s imperative to have a professional inspection conducted by a licensed and certified home inspector before buying. When you schedule a home inspection with First Choice you can be assured that your potential investment will be inspected thoroughly and in a professional and courteous manner.

Some of the major building components we’ll inspect include:

  • Exterior Construction

  • Structural Integrity

  • Roofing

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical Panels

  • Heating and AC

  • Insulation

  • Appliances Carport/Garage


At First Choice we understand how stressful and confusing the inspection process can be to home owners. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we’ll make sure you understand your inspection results and how they can affect you.

Four-Point Inspector-low-resolution-for-

You may have heard the term “4-point inspection” before, but might be unclear on the differences between this type of inspection and a standard home inspection.

Simply put, 4-point inspections are not as extensive as full home inspections. Yet, most insurance companies require at least a 4-point inspection before issuing a policy. The 4 main points covered in this type of inspection include the building’s roof, plumbing, HVAC (Heat, Ventilation & AC) and electrical.

First Choices’ staff is licensed and certified to conduct 4-point inspections, as well as multiple other specialized services. A 4-point inspection can cover the basics to help offer peace of mind if you’re a new buyer or seller seeking a fair price for your property.

Trust First Choice to provide you with clear and comprehensive information about the four key elements that will affect your buying or selling price.

Wind Mitigation Inspector-low-resolution

A wind mitigation inspection assesses your property’s ability to withstand hurricane and tropical storm winds. In Florida, insurance companies are legally bound to offer discounts for building features that can help protect your home or commercial building against wind damage.

First Choice is licensed and certified to review your building and provide a Wind Mitigation Report, which may make you eligible for insurance discounts.

Some features reviewed in your wind mitigation report include:

  • Roof Deck Attachment

  • Roof Geometry

  • Roof to Wall Attachment

  • Opening Protection

Mold Inspector-low-resolution-for-web-pn

Mold Assessments are the first step towards living in a healthy and clean environment free from mold. First Choice provides advanced mold assessment services to many home owners in Florida with 100% accuracy to ensure that you use the right remedial measures.

First Choice offers mold assessment services to Florida residents at your scheduled day and time. There are three easy steps involved for one to get their mold assessment done by First Choice. Firstly you need to schedule for an assessment, First Choice then performs the mold assessment. The mold test results will be made available to you after the testing is completed by the lab.

Many home owners rush into immediate mold remediation measures without having performed a prior mold assessment. This usually works on short term basis and eventually leads to cyclical re-occurrences of mold, which could cause serious health problems. First Choice has highly qualified mold assessors with immense experience in accurately handling mold infestation.

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